For The Kids, By George is a product of the Washington Heritage Trail. 

Thanks to the vision of attracting families to visit the area through the Children's Museum, Berkeley County trustee, Jim Castleman, saw his vision become a reality in 2013. 

Through acquired federal and state grant funds and the creative work of local architects Grove and Dall 'Olio, the exhibits in over 6,000 square feet of Museum space have come to life.  For The Kids, By George Children's Museum's purpose is to allow visitors to experience over 300 years of American life on what was once a vital part of the nation's "first frontier.” The Museum brings to life that purpose, by providing fun and engaging connections to George Washington's ventures in the Eastern Panhandle and revealing rich layers of prominent history-making events. Visitors will learn about Washington's time in the area as a young surveyor, experience our exciting railway heritage, travel along our tunnels through time and take a virtual 3-D ride down the Washington Heritage Trail.